Tips For Wearing The Right Make Up For You

Right Make Up

Right Make Up It is not easy for most women to choose the perfect make up as they are unsure of their skin type and color. However, if they can find out about what type their skin is, they would save themselves the hassle of rushing to the beauty parlor each time they want to get dolled up.

Appropriateness to Skin Type

It is important to note the time of the event as well as the kind of event you are planning to make up for. Moreover, your skin type determines (most of the time), the colors you would want to put on for a more attractive look. For example, fair skin maidens look great with silver eye shadow or a faint green or pink color. A touch of eye liner and mascara gives the fair lady an astounding effect.


The eyeliner is one of the final touches in your makeup routine; it should be really clean with no excess powder that can smudge the already made up face. A baby pink blush will highlight your cheekbones with a pink lip gloss on your lips to give that full attractive look.

Skin Shades

Tan skin tone or even light brown types will look great with earthy tones such as bronze or gold which does justice to their skin tone color. Use a slightly deeper shade of bronze for your cheekbones to bring out its structure to complement your good looks.

Besides all the brown and bronze, you can put on caramel shades on tan skin with different green tones as a combination on your eyelids. A smack of simple shining gloss will put the shine on your lips, whether there is color or not. Peach colored gloss, or cream types are also very complimentary.

For those who have the normal fairer brown skin type, but it is not fair and it is not tan enough, you are at liberty to try out more colors and shades of them for something that is pleasing to the eye. For example, the aquatic blue is a beautiful and soothing color, especially if combined with a tinge of sea green, purple, or blue hues. Turquoise blue is so magical, as with jade green tones in various combinations of light and dark shades around the lashes or at the middle of the eyelids.

Final Touch Up

If you would like to emphasize your eyes through the shadow colors and liners, then the touches on the rest of face should be lessened; light colored blushes and low shine gloss on the lips will direct the attention to the eyes for the effect you desire.

Do not worry if you have blemished skin; you can still enjoy makeup, if you choose your makeup wisely as discussed above. Makeup can cover your face blemishes while increasing your confidence. Choose foundations that contain ground minerals that can treat acne as well as scarring. These foundations contain pure and natural anti-inflammatory properties which do not support bacteria. Hence, your skin can breathe better. Many contain a SPF number from 15 to 20 which is appropriate for your skin.

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