Tips for Positive Parenting

Parenting children is a huge responsibility and entails many challenges. Every parent wishes the best for their child and tries to cultivate good manners and etiquettes in their child.

Every parent wants to shower unlimited love and affection on their child and pamper them. But sometimes it is imperative to be strict with your child to ensure that the child grows up into a disciplined and responsible individual.

To make your child disciplined and well mannered, it is essential to lay down certain ground rules that prescribe the code of conduct and behavior for your child. When a child does not adhere to the rules and regulations you should correct your child with a combination of firmness and affection. Children can be made to follow your directions if you can convey the importance and necessity of these rules to them in a loving and understanding manner.

However if your child persists to disregard your expectations, it becomes inevitable to adopt strictness with them. Another way to ensure that your child follows the rules laid down by you and behaves appropriately is to set an example by following the rules of behavior yourself. If you want your child to not to scream or shout every time he is angry, you have to ensure that you too abstain from such display of rage in front of your child.

A child learns most by imitating the behavioral pattern of their parents. As a parent you would want to fulfill every wish of your child and give him everything he wants. But sometimes too much of pampering can be bad for your child and make him a spoilt brat. You have to be very careful and fulfill only those whims of your child which you think you are genuine.

Your child may cry and refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer but you have to maintain your stand. When your child breaks a rule or does something offensive, you have to be strict with him and punish him for it. But you need not be too harsh while punishing your child. The motive behind punishment is not to hurt your child but make him understand and accept his mistake.