Tips For Natural Looking Makeup

Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup To make your face look natural with makeup, you do not need to rely on heavy cosmetics. All you need is a new approach to applying your makeup to revitalize your look. Just follow these tips for natural looking makeup and cast a magical spell on onlookers.

How To Look Natural With Makeup

Use a Lightweight Foundation

If you are blessed with a clear and healthy looking skin then you are the luckiest person in the world. Also you do not need to apply foundation to even your skin tone. However, if you do want to use foundation then you should go for a lightweight foundation. But you should remember that the foundation you choose should match the color of your face. Use a sponge to apply foundation to your face.

Using tinted moisturizer in place of foundation is another good option. After applying moisturizer, blend it with your fingers to create a glowing effect. If you want you can apply loose powder on your face.

Tinted Moisturizer

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Choose light colors to enhance your natural features. Light colors add to your beauty and give you a more natural look. You need to keep in mind your complexion while selecting light colors for your skin. If you are blessed with a fair complexion then colors like peaches, pale pink and light taupes will look best on you.

You can choose medium pink, light brown or peach if you have a medium complexion. In case of a dark complexion, colors like chocolate brown, bronze and deep pink will be suitable for you. Colors you choose for your skin should blend with your skin color.

Pick The Perfect Eyeshadow To Enhance Your Eye Color

To get the authentic look, you can use eyeshadow colors like peach, nude and brown as these colors will work well for you. Use brown or black mascara on your lashes. Do your eyelid makeup with navy or brown eyeliner.

Eye Shadow

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You can also use concealer to hide any spot around your eyes. Do not use too much concealer otherwise you will end up looking cakey. Also, too much concealer will draw attention to the skin under your eyes and will settle into under eye lines.

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Use a Natural Blush

The perfect blush color is one that looks as natural as possible. A natural blush complements your foundation and your natural skin tone. You can try a cream blush as it creates an elegant and chic look. Applying blusher to the cheeks can really transform your whole look.

Lip Shades

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Choose lip shades that match your lip color. If you want to make your lip color last longer then apply a lightweight gloss. You should remember not to go for heavy gloss. Also, make your lips appear more prominent with the help of lip liner.

Choose Beauty Products That Suit Your Skin

Use only those beauty products that suit your skin. Going for expensive products that may not suit your skin is not a very good idea. Always clean your face before applying makeup. If you have blackheads or spots on your face then use exfoliating products to get rid of them. You should also avoid using scented lotions as these may cause skin problems.

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