Tips for Nail Art Design

If you have spent a lot of time grooming and shaping your nail, you can take the beauty of the hand to the next level by using nail art.

Nail art is a delicate form of coloring the nails with exquisite patterns that are much more intriguing than the bland plain color of a nail polish.

The first thing that you need to do before you apply any nail art on the nails is to make sure that your nails are in good shape. In case they are bitten, use a nail filer to bring them to shape. Make sure that the nails look even and ensure that they are clean, both on the outside and inwards.

Then the second step involves choosing the colors. The colors that you choose must speak of you. There can be signature designs or eclectic forms which are unique to your style. The French Manicure designs will no longer be simple. The pink and white can be adorned with a variety of designs.

The first category of nail art designs is the hand painted design. These are simple designs usually created with nail polished and adorned with glitter paint. This is considered to be the most economical form of nail art design for starters. This can be drawn by self or someone else.

All that is required is a toothpick dipped in nail polish and a clean, shapely nail. Simplicity serves you best in the beginning. Once you are deft at it, you can opt for more intricate design. Nail art by free hand can be a simple as well as an intricate art form.

Another way to paint the nails is by the use of the texture technique. You can have a dark background with the nail polish and then dab spots of lighter color to create a patterned texture. This stands out remarkably well. Red background with fine white cross stripes is a classic example.

There are airbrush designs by the use of spray machines which can easily be done at the salon. Finally there are nail decals that can be kept on the nails and then coated with nail polish for the right design.