Tips For Making A Dark Blue Mohawk

Tips For Making A Dark Blue Mohawk

Tips For Making A Dark Blue Mohawk Many types of hair styles are worn by people for looking good and attractive. Very often, hairs are colored with different shades for enhancing the beauty. One aspect that has to be understood here is that traditional hair colors and styles cannot differentiate a person from others in crowd.

Thus, it is very necessary that not only different hair style if worn but also different hair color shades are applied. One hair style that offers completely different looks is dark blue Mohawk.

How to Make a Dark Blue Mohawk

For making a dark blue Mohawk, some expertise is needed. First of all, an old T-shirt should be worn. For preventing stains on skin, an old towel can be worn around the shoulders. For providing Mohawk hair style, clippers and scissors are also needed. Since head is required to be shaved at the back side, help from some other person is also needed.

A friend can prove very useful in ensuring that an even and straight cut has been made at the back. There are no set rules regarding length, thickness and width of Mohawk. Before making Mohawk hair style at home, a person must be confident. Leaving a straight line of desired thickness and length at the middle of head and back, all other sections of head are shaved.

This must be done very carefully. Shaving of head should be started at sides. Some people also find themselves comfortable in starting the shaving of head at the top. It is better if a straight line at the top of head is demarcated using hair pins. Length of hairs at the front part of head should be lesser than length of hairs at the middle of Mohawk. This prevents them from falling on head and destroying the looks.

Before coloring the Mohawk dark blue, some people also bleach hairs, as it helps in perfect coloring of hairs. Powder bleach meant especially for hairs should be used. Normal cleaning bleach should not be used. For preventing irritation of skin, latex gloves should be used. Equal parts of powder bleach and cream developer are mixed in a plastic bowl and applied to Mohawk.

Amount of mixture required depends upon the thickness and length of hairs in Mohawk. Bleach mixture can be applied by using a tint brush or fingers. Since heat of skin makes bleach work faster at root, its application should start at tips of hairs. It should be tried that scalp is not treated with bleaching powder. After leaving bleach for half an hour, hairs are rinsed.

Hairs should be rinsed for two to three times so that all the bleach is removed. Hairs are then dried with towel. If hairs have been dyed red in past few months, multiple bleaching sessions may be necessary for perfect results.

For imparting dark blue color, a good quality hair color of blue shade should be applied. Hair color and developed are mixed in equal quantities and applied to hairs. For preventing staining of hands, gloves should be used. Hair color mixture is applied with the help of brush or fingers. After leaving hair color on Mohawk for the specified time, hairs are rinsed with water and conditioned.