Tips For Hassle Free Pubic Hair Removal

Removing hair from your arms, underarms and legs seldom cause much worry, usually waxing and shaving pretty much does the trick.

But when it comes to pubic hair it is a different scenario altogether. Firstly pubic hair removal is tricky business because the genital area is very sensitive.

Waxing can be painful but some parlors do offer a full Brazilian wax. When you decide to go for a Brazilian Wax, do not assume things, ask and clarify before you start. Some salons will only do a bikini wax and your pubic hair may remain untouched. So it will better to clarify things beforehand. Regular hair removing creams are best left alone because they contain chemicals, which can cause adverse reactions in your pubic region.

Shaving is the best option and an electronic razor should not be used, as a non- electronic one leaves you with better control of the proceedings! Firstly invest in a very good shaving cream for women. Do not use soap for pubic hair removal. Make sure you trim your pubic hair before you actually start shaving, this will minimize the pain. Try and soak yourself in a bath for few minutes to soften your pubic area.

Position yourself properly before you start shaving your pubic hair. You should be comfortable and the skin of your pubic area should be stretched taut. You can try sitting on a chair with your legs apart resting at a level above your waist , then you can start shaving.

Work up a good lather with your shaving cream and then stretch and hold the area that you want to shave and start shaving. Do not hurry or apply pressure while you are shaving as it can lead to cuts. If you have to apply pressure then it is time to get a new razor, blunt ones are really no good for pubic hair removal. Also rinse the razor as a clean razor works best for removing pubic hair.

Once you are done, you should dry the pubic area and moisturize with a non scented lotion or cream. You can also use a gel like aloe-vera gel or baby oil for moisturizing your pubic region. Do this carefully, and ensure that the application is only on the surface of the skin and nothing enters your genitals. Avoid shaving pubic hair during menstruation.

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