Tips For Flawless Foundation

Tips For Flawless Foundation

Tips For Flawless Foundation When foundation is applied correctly, it creates a natural, even toned base for the application of lipstick, eye-shadow, and blusher. These cosmetics highlight the features, while a foundation provides the canvas.

Choosing the Right Foundation

Selection of the correct foundation for your individual skin tone is important in achieving a natural look. If like most women, you have a yellow-based skin tone Sacha Foundations are formulated for you. All Sacha Foundations are yellow -based and are available in Cream Foundation, Liquid Foundation and Dual-Activ Foundation (a combination of foundation and powder).

To ensure a good match for your skin tone, test foundation along the angle of your jaw and match the colour to your neck. The forehead is also a good place to look for a natural match. Other common sites for testing are the back of your hand or the skin at the wrist, but this is not advised as these areas will have a significantly different skin tone to that of your face.
Hence, it is important to choose the right foundation according to your skin type. Cream foundations that offer full coverage are suitable for normal to dry skin while medium coverage foundations are suitable for oily skins.

Always Look Your Best

It is a good idea to keep two foundations in your make up kit for a perfect match year- round. One should be matched to your tanned skin in summer, the other to your winter skin. At times of the year when your skin tone is in-between, the two foundations can be mixed as required.

It’s easy to shift seamlessly between day-time and evening makeup with Sacha Dual-Activ foundation. Use it to touch up your look before an evening out, giving your skin the finish of a powder, and you the confidence that a foundation’s coverage can provide.

Perfect Application

Correctly applied foundation will give the appearance of luminous, unblemished skin. For a sheer finish, use a sponge to apply your foundation. The sponge can be dampened for even smoother application. For a fresh, dewy complexion, lightly apply toner or another astringent, such as witch hazel, with a gauze pad or face cloth. This lifts the matte look of the foundation and gives your skin a luminescent appearance.

In areas where more coverage is required, use your fingertips or a sponge to dab the foundation lightly into place. For effective application and subtle blending, professional makeup artists suggest the use of a makeup brush. To prevent a foundation line at the jaw, keep your mouth open as you apply foundation onto the underside of the jaw and neck.

All products have a shelf life. If your foundation shows the appearance of curdling, dispose it off and purchase a new one. Foundations have been proven to protect your skin besides providing you with an even skin tone to give you radiant looking skin with a smooth complexion. They can hide your skin’s imperfections when you want to make a good impact in public. Use the right products to guarantee a smooth and flawless finish on your skin.

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