Tips For Finding The Perfect Foundation

Perfect Foundation

Perfect Foundation Though it may seem simple, choosing the right foundation is crucial for women to ensure that their makeup looks impeccable, that flatter their looks further. Thus, the foundation that best fits a woman depends on its match to her face, namely skin type and texture; although other factors like shade, price, coverage and ingredients may also play a decisive role.

Having makeup on today does not mean slapping on some layers of colors on your skin; it is also the skill of using the makeup materials to flatter your looks while looking natural, as if you have no makeup on. This natural look can be achieved with the perfect foundation.

Choice of Foundation

The most important factor which is also the most basic is to find the shade of foundation that matches your skin, or comes closest to it. Some may test the shade on the back of their hand or their cheek, but it is best to test it at the jaw line to get a real feel and look of its effect on you before being purchased.

Coverage refers to the areas of your skin which you want to hide or lessen in prominence. These are imperfections on the skin that needs to be covered for the time being. At times, covering skin imperfections may cost more, so it is much more a budget factor. An up market brand will offer more choices of shade color to help you find the right match for your skin. These also offer more variety related to the types of skin such as oily, dry or wrinkled. For example, an oily skin should use a foundation that is water based, while a dry skin requires a foundation that is oil based.

Using the Foundation

Foundations can come in various forms: liquid, powder or cream. Applying a foundation is about ensuring a smooth look on your skin without the thickness and awkwardness. Texture refers to the ease of use of foundation to give your skin a polished natural look.

Liquid foundation dries easily to a satin finish. Creamy foundations give better coverage with their greasy texture while a stick foundation is best used to conceal. Compact or powder foundation is normally for touching up the base for a longer lasting look. The best foundation for a woman depends on the type of skin she has, and choosing wisely will avoid further skin problems, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Based on climate and your environment

Besides basing your choice foundation on your skin type, you will do well with a consideration of the climate you are in and the environment that affects you. A cold climate will affect your skin differently from that of a hot or humid climate. The latter requires a foundation that is waterproof, even sweat. A fresh environment impacts your skin differently from a polluted one. Hence, you may need to consider the foundation that has the right SPF to give you the appropriate protection. Some foundations also contain moisturizers to keep your skin moist which is good in cold climates.

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