Tips For Daytime To Evening Makeup

Tips For Daytime To Evening Makeup

Tips For Daytime To Evening Makeup Makeup is almost essential for every urban woman. It is not all about looking good. Make up is also often equated with feeling confident and looking good. A stronger woman now does not mean a woman without makeup. Today, a strong woman does not mean a woman without makeup; the image of a strong woman now comes with the idea that she is smart, intelligent but feminine as well.

Tips for Daytime to Evening Makeup

But putting on makeup is not the only skill one has to adopt. If you are a working woman and also a party freak, you do not always get enough time to get back home before hitting a party. More often than not, you go to a party directly from your office. What about looking good then? And more importantly, what is to be done about the make up? Of course the office wear makeup and the party make up is not the same. So, here are a few tips by which you can convert your toned down day time make up to an evening one.

While putting on the base make up, wear a long wear foundation. So, in the evening, when you do not have time to quickly do the base make up, what you would do is, take a tissue, pat it on your face and soak up the oil. Then, take out your compact and then, gently dab on a bit and blend. You are fresh as before again.

As for the eyes, eye liners are a must for evening make up. Keep a good, smudge-proof pencil liner. There are so many pencil liners which are of very good quality. They come with almost the same finish as liquid liners. Alternately, you can also opt for felt tip liners. A colored pencil liner would double up as an eye shadow. Just rub a little bit on your lids and gently blend with your fingers.

Then, with another darker felt tip or pencil liner line your eyes to perfection. A good eye makeup can never be complete without mascara. Mascara would open up your eyes and add that sparkle. So, invest in good quality mascara that would do its job properly. While putting on mascara, always start from the base. Go over for a second and even a third coat and let it dry.

Take a lipstick of your choice, preferably darker one or one with good pigmentation that would be good for evening wear. Put it on. If your eyes are too heavy, you can also go for a good gloss instead.

Now that the eyes and lips are done, it’s time for a little blush.  Go for a blush that comes with a good portable brush. This would ensure, you don’t have to carry a separate brush for doing the blush and it would not get lost also. Now, gently sweep the blush on your cheekbones and blend them well.

So,  only with a tissue, a compact, two portable liners, a gloss or a lipstick and a little blush, you can easily convert your day time make up into an evening one without having to do a lot of things.  So, the evening is yours only.

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