Tips For Coloring Gray Hair

Tips For Coloring Gray Hair

Tips For Coloring Gray Hair It is quite common for one to panic, when the first strands of gray hair appear on the head. Gray hair is considered to be a definite sign of aging. While some people accept the fact and move on, many others try to camouflage their gray hair by coloring them.

Coloring of hair can also help, in case you are facing the issue of premature graying. However, there are some basic rules that one has to follow when coloring gray hair. Coloring in a haphazard manner will definitely yield disastrous results. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow the below said tips which will guide you through the process of coloring gray hair.

Tips For Coloring Gray Hair

Choose The Perfect Color

In order to color gray hair, you can very well make use of hair coloring kits that are available commercially. Be sure to select a color which is specially suited for gray hairs and which offers a hundred percent coverage. In addition, to get maximum coverage of gray hairs, it is recommended that you choose a color, which is a shade or two darker than your actual hair color.

The Process of Coloring

The process of coloring will vary according to the amount of gray hairs present. If you have only 20 percent or less gray hairs, then you should first start by sectioning the gray hairs from the non- gray ones.  Since gray hair is more resistant to hair colors than normal hair, you should first apply the dye onto the gray portion of the hair.

Instead of using a brush , it is recommended that you use your hands for applying the color. This will ensure the complete and even application of the color on your hair. However, see to it that you protect your hands using a glove, so as to prevent skin staining and allergic reactions. After about 20 minutes, apply the hair color to the normal section of the hair. Finally, do wash your hairs after 45 minutes of the initial application of the color.

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If your head is dominated by gray hair, then you can very well apply the dye to all your hairs at the same time. However, if you find that your gray hair is resistant to coloring, then you will have to undergo a hair peroxide treatment before proceeding to color your hair.

The After Care Process

To make your colored hair look beautiful, you can wash it using a pigmented shampoo twice a week. Since gray hair tends to be brittle and dry, it is recommended that you follow up your shampooing session by using a good quality conditioner. Also, avoid excessive exposure to the sun, as it can result in the fading of your hair color. For maintaining the color, you will have to repeat the hair coloring treatment once in every 3 months.

The Alternative Solution

If you are unsatisfied by the quality of commercial hair colors, or if you develop any allergic reactions to the chemicals present in them, then you can very well switch to using natural hair dyes. Sage and henna are two natural hair dyes that are found to be very effective in camouflaging gray hairs. You can also use black tea for the purpose of coloring gray hairs. However, the effects of these products are not long lasting and frequent reapplication may be necessary.

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