Tips for Better Tweezing of Eyebrows

Tweezing is important for eyebrows and that is a known fact. Obviously not many will say it has been the best of experiences considering the delicacy of the process and the pain involved in the procedure. However, there are tips and intricacies to the art of tweezing as well. Some tips are mentioned below:

Before you begin tweezing, here is what you can do to minimize the pain. If you have the ingredients for it, prepare a baby teething preparation and apply it on the eyebrow. The objective here is to numb the eyebrow. If you cannot prepare the teething preparation, then you can either apply a toothache preparation or just an icepack.

Once the area is numbed is when you can soften the hair. This can be easily done by using hair conditioner or shaving cream. Once the hair is all smooth and soft is when you are ready to tweeze them. But do not do it straight away. First, you can steam the eyebrows using a soft cloth that is moistened in hot water. This will not only help hydrate the skin and keep it soft but will also open the pores which will allow the hair to come out more easily. Alternatively, you can take a hot shower and initiate the tweezing process immediately afterward till the pores are open.

It is vital that the tweezers be clean and sharp. Therefore even if you indulge in tweezing only once in a while, you must buy a good pair of tweezers. Let there be no compromise on the tweezers pair because there has to be no compromise on the beauty as well.

When you start tweezing, it is important that you do it in natural light as much as possible. No matter how much light is there in a closed room there is no substitute to natural light to show you clearly which areas need attendance and where more tweezing is required.

For starters, clean the area between the brows first. The process calls for pulling the skin taut and then plucking as close from the root as possible. It is advised that plucking must be done from underneath the eyebrows than over it for giving them a better shape.

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