Tips For Beautiful Hair

Regular visits to salons, expensive hair care treatments, costly lotions and shampoos- there is a natural approach to hair care as well.

Here are some tips for natural treatments to hair:

1. Avoiding shampoos containing ‘sodium laurel sulfate’. These chemicals originate form synthetic detergents, which are contents of dishwashing liquids and other cleansers. This is because they have the quality to foam well. However, they are quite harsh in nature and can result in drying out our hairs. Rather shampoos containing decyl glucose are of a more gentle origin.

2. Treat yourself with hot oil for deep conditioning of hair. Treating with hot oil infiltrates the ‘hair shaft’ making them shiny and flexible. This treatment can also improve split hair conditions, which are common issues in dry hair problems.

3. Consider eating balanced food. Proper consumption of vitamin and mineral enriched food and supplements are needed to improve proper hair growth. Several vitamins like the E, B, and C, the Biotin and MSM have proven results in healthy hair condition.

4. People with curly hair should avoid brushing their hair. If extremely necessary use ‘wide toothed comb’. Rigorous brushing can result in complete destruction of curly hair by cutting it off from the scalp.

5. One should always consider in getting ‘hair care product’ with essential oils, vegetable oils, and herbs. Some essential oils gives excellent result in improving hair growth. Products containing tea tree extract and lavender acts as natural antiseptic and helps fighting against dandruff. Some vegetable oils such as the Soybean oil and corn oil acts as both moisturizer and conditioner for the hair shaft.

6. Regular massage of the scalp is needed to help in stimulating the growth of hair. It helps by stimulating the ‘blood flow’ to our scalp, resulting in nourishing the hair roots and helping in stimulation of hair growth.