Tips for Beautiful Feet

Having soft and beautiful feet is an addition to your overall beauty.

Just the knowledge of having feet that are soft and beautiful can instill you with confidence and a sense of comfort that no matter what the footwear, you have a beauty asset irrespective of whether you are walking or sitting.

The most common treatment for feet is the pedicure, which if done regularly helps keep your feet soft and beautiful looking. There are some other ways to take care of your feet too and add to the beauty of it.

It is suggested that moisturizing lotion is not meant for your hands and your fingers and the skin of the torso only. It should be used regularly and religiously on the feet to keep them hydrated and the skin to be made soft. The moisturizer that you use can be one purchased from the market or any of the homemade ones.

It is vital that the procedure be followed regularly and a regimen should be adhered to. But just the application of moisturizer on the feet is not sufficient. When you walk, your feet bear the full weight of the body. There is a lot of wear and tear and the sole is one part of the foot that has got the maximum number of dead cells.

Therefore it becomes necessary to exfoliate the skin regularly too. The removal of all the dead cells from the feet will help you make then look prettier and softer. You can use a foot scrub or a pumice to exfoliate the dead cells and keep the foot soft.

Wear socks to bed so that your feet are warm and comfortable. Your feet bear a lot of pressure when you are standing or walking. This is also one of those parts of the body which has a large number of nerve endings.

When you rest, your feet need to recuperate too. Sleeping time is best when the new cells replace the old ones. Socks will ensure that the relaxation for your feet is complete. Wash your feet regularly with soap and water. Trim your toenails regularly to avoid dust from settling in.

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