Tips For Applying Eyeliner Makeup

Tips For Applying Eyeliner Makeup

Tips For Applying Eyeliner Makeup Of all the features, eyes are considered to be the most beautiful. They are seen as the window to the soul and have been given prime importance since ages. Makeup for eyes has a long history and it has evolved over time.

From heavy eyeliner makeup to sparse, experiments have been numerous and each fashion trend brought in something that the previous one didn’t have. Again, with fashion trends, which were defunct, making a comeback, what had been thought of as obsolete and old school, has made a grand entry and then after sometime a grand exit.

However, fashionistas of this age are refusing to remain in a fixed trend and are sporting different eyeliner styles. For the diverse styles, there are a few rules of the thumb which can help you any day, anytime, and anywhere. For the very ‘no makeup’ look, you can opt for a soft pencil liner and line your upper lid with it. Just tug the upper lash line a bit, and the pencil would glide.

To make it almost invisible, keep your pencil tip sharp and gently draw with a steady hand. But if you want it to look a bit smoky without going over the top, just smudge the line gently with a smudger. Alternately, if you want to look a bit more promiscuous, go for a liquid liner for the upper lash line. This would give you clean eyes. This would also work great if you have dark circles. Depending on your taste, you should decide the thickness of the line.

Once, you are able to master a steady hand you can always try the winged cat-eye look. By controlling the thickness, you can wear it to any semi-formal occasion or to a party. Divas wearing this look had always made their mark. The famous Marilyn Monroe look comes with a cat eye.

Even for a modern retro look, teeming clean winged liners with red lips is the safest and perhaps the coolest option. For the Audrey Hepburn look in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, team the winged liners with nude lips. It has a charm and sophistication of its own which you can never find in any other look. The winged eyeliner may also be taken a step ahead by thinly lining the lower lash line. But if you are a sport for dramatic eyes, thickly line the lower lash line like Amy Winehouse or the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

Another popular eye lining style is the one done by the exotic women of the Middle East and India. Which is the popular kohl lined eyes or kohl –eyed look. For this, a traditional kajal or kohl is gently rubbed on the lower lash line and the water line. This bright eyeliner had been worn for ages and has become cultural tradition.

Lately, women have added a twist to this. What they prefer is wearing a soft liner on both the lash lines and then smudging them up for the quick yet simple smoky look. So, which eyemkaeup look are you a game for?

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