Tips For A Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Tips For A Healthy Twin Pregnancy

Tips For A Healthy Twin Pregnancy A pregnancy itself is one of the best gifts a couple can have! Everybody near and dear to the expectant parents keeps doting upon them especially on the would-be-mother. Pregnancy is a very normal and natural occurrence and you shouldn’t worry because you are pregnant.

It’s true that pregnancies turn uncomfortable and some may even experience certain complications. But pregnancies can be experienced with least discomfort and complication provided you learn about the various requirements to enjoy a healthy pregnancy and follow the same religiously.

Pregnancy is definitely not a time of confinement or not a phase when you can’t carry on your normal activities and lifestyle. Taking the minimum required care can ensure healthy pregnancy while you can enjoy your life also to the maximum.

Pregnancy With Twins

When you are about to have one of the best gifts in the world and you come to know that you are about to receive double joy then it takes you on top of the world! That’s the same feeling you get when you learn that you are carrying twins. Twins and multiple pregnancies have always remained an enthrallment for most couples provided they are in proper financial conditions to support the same.

Multiple pregnancies may happen for a number of possible reasons. It is not an unnatural phenomenon so there isn’t any reason to feel worried. Coming to twins there can be two kinds; identical and fraternal. When ovulation happens from both ovaries and both the eggs get fertilized then fraternal twins are conceived. Such twins may or may not be of the same sex and they are just like two siblings born at same time.

However, identical twins happen when one egg is fertilized initially but eventually it splits into two. In such case the twins will always be of the same sex and their appearances will be identical. Multiple pregnancies may also occur due to pregnancy through IVF or due to use of fertility drugs. It’s important for you to understand from your physician exactly what kind of twin pregnancy you are experiencing.

Ways To Enjoy A Healthy Pregnancy With Twins

Apart from the regular healthy pregnancy lifestyle and diet regime that you must follow there are certain things you must be aware about when you have twins growing within you. Healthy pregnancy lifestyle includes taking proper pregnancy diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibers and also intake of water and fluids. Take enough rest and sleep and avoid spicy, oily foods and bad habits like smoking and drinking. Feel happy and stay updated with your doctor and the appointments.

There remain some possibilities for complications when you have a twin pregnancy as much depends upon the position of the twins, the amniotic sac, the placenta and risks of Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Twin to Twin Transfusion. You should be more alert regarding the fetal kick counts and take appropriate recommendation from your doctor.

Certain tests may be required regarding which your doctor can guide you properly. Urine tests and pelvic examinations are necessary along with hemoglobin count as twin babies will require more nutrition and other essential nutrients from your body. Take extra care regarding diet, weight gain, health and fitness as you are taking care of two babies instead of one. The most important nutrient is protein and therefore you should take your physician’s guidance to fix the right diet for you. Also find out the proper weight gain you should expect when you are expecting twins.