Time Your Orgasms For A More Satisfying Experience

sexdrive Imagine how wonderful it would be if both you and your partner could orgasm at the same time, however this is not something that usually happens and is rather a very rare phenomenon.

This difference in the time of orgasm is because, for men orgasm is always penetrative however that’s not the case with women. Women can experience strong and intense orgasms even with oral sex or maybe even with a little bit of fondling and caressing, however a man usually orgasms only with an ejaculation.

Striking a balance

By and large, during intercourse, a man is able to orgasm faster; however it takes much longer for a woman to orgasm with penetrative sex. So, if you want that you and your partner should orgasm at the same time, then the only way out is to slow down your man’s orgasm and to speed up your own orgasm.

Try it the second time

Men are usually quick with their first orgasm, and they usually take it much longer for the second one. So this second orgasm could be the chance where you may be able to orgasm in the same time as him. Also, in the second session your man will have a much better control on his genitals and he may be able to delay his orgasm so as to climax with you.

Stimulation could help

Get your man friendly with your vibrator, so that he can use it on you for a while, before penetrating. The idea is to stimulate your clitoris up to a level where you are just a little away from the orgasm. Then beyond that, let his thrusting drive you to the orgasm. Also, stimulating the clitoral area during sexual activity it is quite an effective way to enjoy a shared climax.  For this you can try some different sex positions.

Change your positions

Experiment with new sex positions, and look for ones which stimulate your genitals more than his organ. For instance in the woman on top position, your man’s organ will be less stimulated and so he will be able to last for much longer while your clitoris will be more simulated to help you with a faster orgasm.