Tighten Loose Skin With Thermage


Thermage To reverse the ageing process and look youthful, most women are now opting for the less painful and faster healing, non-surgical, age reversal methods instead of the traditional surgical methods.  An exciting, new, non invasive cosmetic procedure, Thermage is now a popular option for tightening the facial skin.

People who have undergone the Thermage face lift treatment look visibly younger, with firmer looking skin. Thermage treatment is not restricted to the face alone. In fact thermage procedure can be done on the buttocks, arms, abdomen and legs to tighten sagging skin and give the person a younger appearance. Radio waves are directed on the desired parts of the body to stimulate collagen production.

This skin rejuvenating treatment method is used for tightening sagging skin, in body sculpting and for face lifts. Thermage helps a person to get smoother and tighter skin by thickening the skin collagen using radio frequency waves. Once the collage is thickened, it automatically smoothens out the wrinkles and gives the skin an even, tighter and youthful look. The advantages of opting for this non invasive cosmetic procedure include no incisions, faster recovery time and gorgeous looking skin.

A Thermage treatment can help a person to get tighter skin, tighter jaw line, reduce jowls, get higher eyebrows, soften the forehead lines, soften the crow’s feet and scowl lines, reduce acne scars, soften nasobial folds and tighten the skin under the chin. This face lift procedure works equally well on people with dark and light skin tones.

The success rate of Thermage face lift procedure is very high with 50-60 percent of the people who have undergone this procedure recommending it to others. If you have decided to undergo the Thermage face lift procedure, consult a good dermatologist first. Before the treatment begins, all traces of makeup are removed from the patients face. Next the person undergoing this treatment is given an oral pain killer along with local anesthesia to reduce discomfort.

A grid, which will guide the doctor during the treatment, is applied on the patients face. Then the individual’s skin is exposed to alternating cooling and radio frequency waves. The skin is cooled regularly with a cryogenic cooling spray, to prevent it from being burnt by the heat emitted by the high frequency radio waves.

The pre treatment preparation time is about forty five minutes, while the treatment as such will be completed in about seventy five minutes. The higher the setting of the radio frequeny waves the better the results. However with a higher setting radio frequency wave, the patient may also experience greater discomfort.

Some of the normal and common side effects of the Themage procedure include blistering of the skin, followed by mild swelling and redness. However in extremely rare cases, Thermage can lead to skin discoloration, pain and skin burns along with slight scarring. The scarring caused by the Thermage procedure normally fades away with time.

Most people start to see the results of this non invasive skin tightening procedure within two to three months. Thermage should ideally be done on people in their late thirties and early forties to witness the maximum results. The thermage face lift procedure normally costs anywhere between two thousand and five thousand dollars.