Three ways to play it safe on internet dating

Internet dating is quite a common practice of finding dates these days. And in fact singles use this service so much that it’s become a lucrative trade for lots of dating sites. Just get onto any good dating site and you’ll find millions of people out there wanting to find dates on the internet. But when looking for dates online, you need to guard yourself against traps and here’s how you can do it.

Your profile

When writing your profile you need to be elaborate, to give the other person a good idea about what kind of a person you are looking for and what kind of a person you yourself are. But in your profile don’t mention anything that causes threat to your privacy. You are the only person who can decide what all things you can expose to the world and what things must wait to be told till you actually embark on a relationship. Be crisp and precise and don’t fill up your profile with false information just to attract more people to your profile. And most importantly don’t let you contact information such as your email, phone no and address be available on the profile page.

Your photos

On the profile page just put up one simple photo of yours. In the photo you must look as beautiful as you are but not overly adorned or sensuous, as most of the undesirable type of people on internet dating sites simply do not read a persons profile and extend a relationship request impressed be the looks. Most of these people are looking for cheap thrills, and you sure don’t want to be a victim. All the rest of your portfolio pictures must be kept secured and should be unlocked only for people you are interested in.

Your contact details

All your contact details must remain hidden at all times, and as far as your address is concerned you should never give it to any body unless you have met that person and have found him to be genuinely good. Most of the internet dating sites have online text chatting and even video chatting facilities, so make use of these service to know more about the person you are interested in. And only when you are convinced that the person is genuine and when you have decided to go out on a date with him should you pass on your phone no to him.

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Sidharth Thakur