Three Myths About Cheating

cheating-men Whenever we talk about love, relationships or infidelity, we usually address most issues based on myths and certain preconceived notions.

Most of the times, we start believing in these myths, so deeply, that we begin to regard these as facts.  Anyways here we are going to dissect some of these infidelity related myths, to prove that they are actually myths.

People cheat when they are not satisfied at home

Well that may be the real reason in a lot many cases, but that doesn’t mean that if a person is completely satisfied at home he/she will not cheat. Especially in case of men, being completely satisfied at home is no guarantee that they may not sneak out once in a while. It’s hard for most men to resist the temptation of having just a bit of fun on the side, even if their sex and love life is completely rocking at home.

Women don’t cheat as much as men

This thought is absolutely baseless.  This may perhaps have been the case in the past, but as of today men and women score equally on the infidelity scales. If men have reasons to cheat on their partners, women too have similar reasons to walk the path of infidelity.

When a woman is sexually dissatisfied, doesn’t get appreciation for what she does, doesn’t get respect and love from her partner, she too takes to infidelity.

In fact women are more likely to cheat, because they are emotional beings and if they do not get the kind of affection and attention that they seek, they start looking for some other man to fulfill their emotional needs. In case of men it’s usually sex that makes them to cheat, while a woman usually indulges in infidelity for emotional gratification.

Cheating is all about sex

As we have just mentioned, cheating is not just when you have sex outside your relationship, even building intimate emotional relationships can be counted as cheating. Rather this type of infidelity has a more serious and deeper effect on the loyal partner.