Three Basics To A Perfect Makeup

makeup-beautiful For the present day woman, makeup has become an absolute necessity to maintain a vibrant appeal and an eye catching youthful glow. And while makeup helps in creating a better outlook, it is also believed to boost up the confidence level of women to face the crowd and achieve newer heights.

Here’s a list of some basic makeup tips that will help you in using makeup to the best of your advantage.

1. The right type of moisturizer, based on your skin type, is the most essential cosmetic to be found in every makeup kit. The best ones are those which have a high SPF count, as the SPF guards your skin against damage from the harmful UV rays. Before you begin with your makeup, massage in some moisturizer into your skin and the overall effect will come out better.

2. The next most important thing is a make up concealer, unless you have a flawless looking skin. Any unwanted marks on your skin such as blemishes, pigmented skin, blackheads, pimples and scars can be easily covered up with the use of concealer. Also, a concealer can be used to cover up dark under eye circles. However the most important aspect is to find the right concealer shade to match with your skin tone and to even it out and blend it well with your skin so that your skin doesn’t look patched.

3. The next in line is foundation, without which no makeup is complete. Here again you need to be particular about choosing the one that suits your skin type and your skin tone. And the best way to spread it on your facial skin is either using your fingers or with the help of a makeup sponge.

These are the three basic and the most important steps to getting the right makeup, and the rest is all about lip and eye makeup for which you can refer to some of the earlier articles in our archive.

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Sidharth Thakur