Threading Hair

Threading is a method of removing hair, usually from the face. A thread made of cotton is used for this purpose.

Rolling and twisting the thread on the skin to intertwine hair strands, the thread is lifted to pluck away the hair from its root. It is a precise method compared to waxing.

Eyebrow threading is very common, though threading is also used to remove hair from upper-lip, sideburns, cheeks and chin. It is a good method to get the eyebrows into a particular shape. The nuances of threading are explained below:

To begin with take a good quality and strong cotton thread of two feet length. There is no special thread for the purpose; you should use good quality thread.

After selecting the thread, knot the two ends of the thread so that a circle can be formed with the thread. Wind the thread holding it in your hands, for say ten times. Thus the thread which has been wound would be in the center of the circle formed by the thread.

Take the thread around your fingers with both hands; push the portion of thread that you have winded towards one of your hands. You can do it through widening the fingers of one of the hands and simultaneously closing your fingers on the other.

Once you know how to push and pull the thread, which is in fact the significant part of threading, move over to the next level, which is the actual threading away of the hair from the required part of your body.

You should directly thread the eyebrows or upper-lip or facial hair. You must start practicing threading in the leg first, since you can access it easily and you will get a practice of how to go about threading.

Before starting, sit yourself on the bed or a comfortable chair and locate where you desire to thread. You can start the process with both the ends of the thread in both your hands, making sure that the thread catches the hair strand when it is moving from front to back to lift the hair as it is moving.

It is an easy method, once you know hot to go about it. Some practice is required before you can efficiently thread the hair. Once you know how to thread, you can yourself thread away hair from wherever you want to remove the hair instead of visiting salons and wasting money and time.

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