Those First Strands Of Gray Hair

The site of that first strand of gray hair is definitely scary, and those who have experienced it definitely know how terrible the experience is. All of a sudden you get the feeling that you’re growing old. But thanks to our modern lifestyle and the heavy pollution levels that most people start getting gray hair as the early as in their teens.

The moment you see that first sign of gray hair, it’s time to think along the lines of preventing further graying of hair. And if you think about prevention even before seeing that first strand, that’s certainly much better. More than anything our diet has a lot to do with premature graying. Going for the junk food, and ignoring a well balanced nutritive meal is the prime reason which leads to this hair problem.

Seafood in particular has a lot to do with the overall health of your hair; so let fish appear in your weekly menus at least thrice. In case you’re not fond of fish you can even resort to having fish-oil supplement which is equally good for your hair.

The minerals of importance with regards to premature graying of hair are zinc, iodine and Iron, of which Zinc and iodine are again fairly abundant in seafood. Due to monthly menstrual cycles women are highly prone to iron deficiency, so have lots of green vegetables and meats. And as for vitamins, vitamin B complex and vitamin C are of particular importance in preventing premature graying of hair. Grab some citrus fruits like oranges and lemons for vitamin C, and as for vitamin B, whole grains, soya products and vegetables are the rich sources.

And the last point, as far as eating habits are concerned, what needs due attention is your water intake. You must drink about eighths to ten glasses of water per day to effectively expel toxins from your body and thus stop the toxins from turning your hair gray, too early.

Additionally, regular application of oil on your scalp will provide nourishment and the required moisture to the hair follicles, thus ensuring overall hair health and delayed graying of hair.

Sidharth Thakur