Thinning hair: Causes and Remedies

Love your mane too much but losing out in tufts every day? While it is not extremely alarming but truth is, it is certainly the time to react and stem the reasons which are causing the excess hair fall.

If you do not take charge of the matter right away, chances are you might have to deal with unhappy consequences later. Too much hair fall is certainly a signal from your system that your hair needs more attendance. So, what is going wrong that needs to be set right?

It is okay to lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day which is a part of the natural hair shedding process of the body but anything beyond that needs correction. One predominant measure is to check if you are suffering from iron deficiency, because if you are, it might be a primal factor.

Follow an iron-rich diet and include spinach, lentils, kidney etc that are sure to replenish the deficiency. Often zinc and silica deficiencies also cause increased hair fall.

Bad eating habit is always the first reason that shows on the body adversely and lack of protein can be one important reason. If this is the case, your condition can be vastly improved just by including a lot of protein in your diet. Eggs, beans, Tofu, yoghurt etc are excellent sources of protein that should do the trick.

Do not indulge in crash dieting as it severely affects the body and causes imbalance. Anything below 1500 calories a day is insufficient and your body will inevitably suffer greatly if your food consumption provides lesser than that. Hair being not a vital component of the body gets affected first, when the body goes into the defense mode.

Too much stress, strain, lack of sleep, anxiety can also cause hair loss. A balanced life is always preferred over an overtly hectic one that leaves the body in critical condition. Also, if you are the experimental kind and use hair dyes without proper care over a long period of time, hair loss can happen.

Treat your hair right, give it its required space and let it breathe. Stopping hair loss is totally in your hands.