Things You Want To Know About Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation Micro hair transplant or micro hair grafting is a procedure that is used to restore hair, particularly on top of the head. It uses an advanced technology which transplants hair onto the scalp. The transplanted portion of the scalp looks like it grew naturally because each strand of hair is carefully transplanted.

How Micro Hair Transplant Is Done

Micro hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the surgeon painstakingly transplants each hair follicle onto the scalp. This is a very laborious and lengthy procedure, especially if the area to be transplanted is quite large. The hair that is transplanted is taken from the part of the scalp that is not suffering from hair loss.

The back and the side of the head are usually the parts where hair loss is less likely to occur. The harvested hair follicles are thoroughly checked to make sure that they are healthy before they are transplanted.  In order for the micro hair transplant to be successful, the transplanted hair follicles must be in perfect condition. The procedure has an average duration of about 3-4 hours.


Micro hair transplant is a painless procedure. It does not even need general anesthesia. After the procedure, the patient can go straight home. It may be a non-risky procedure but it is not wise to go back to work right after leaving the hospital or clinic. It is necessary to get a day or two of rest at home before going back to work. After that short rest, the patient can go back to his daily routine without the slightest pain or discomfort. After a micro hair transplant, it is important that the patient avoids doing any strenuous activities like heavy lifting or just about anything that requires hard physical labor.

The Result

In as early as a month, the result of the micro hair transplant becomes visible on the grafted scalp. The length of time before a patient sees the result of the transplant may differ from patient to patient. Some patients take as long as three months before they see any results. The result that the patient must look for is the sight of growing hair. At first the growing hair will look a little patchy but they will look more natural after a few weeks. In time, the new growth of hair will look exactly like the hair on the other parts of the scalp. Even after seeing the results of the surgery, some patients still choose to go back for another procedure to make their hair look even more luxurious.

Choosing A Doctor

Although micro hair transplant is a minor surgery, it is still important to get a doctor whom you can trust. A patient has the right to enquire about the credentials of a doctor to make sure that he is qualified to handle the procedure. Apart from choosing a highly qualified doctor, it is also important to choose the hospital where the procedure will be done. It has to be a hospital that is fully equipped to handle any emergency that may arise during the procedure. Although the risk of a complication during the procedure is miniscule; it is still crucial to be prepared for it.

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