Things You Should Know About Raising A Girl

It’s a piece of cake for the mother to raise a child but that’s not the case when it comes to a father taking care of a girl. But let’s not be prejudiced, when it comes to raising a sensitive gender, it takes more effort and sensitivity on your part, be it a father or a mother.

There are some things you should remember to do and not to do while bringing up a girl. Encourage your daughter to be happy with the way she looks. It’s been a growing concern regarding how some girls even fall into depression due to their unending worry about their body image.

Let them know that whatever they have at the moment is what makes them beautiful and changing it is not right. Remember that girls have a lot more emotional breakouts than boys. Don’t always be harsh with them and force them to stop being so emotional, which will just make them bottle everything up and someday it will surely explode.

Talk to them and remember to be gentle so that they can easily open up to you.  Give them the privacy they ask for. Girls need a lot more privacy than a guy for more than one reason. Don’t force them to keep their bedroom doors open or make them use common baths.

Make sure they have their own private baths which is very much needed for a growing girl. Not all girls are competitive. Don’t force them to prepare themselves to be the next woman warrior of the world.

Though it is a necessity for a guy to be strong financially, girls have an option to live an easy life if they want, living off a simple job they like. If they are not ambitious, don’t force them to be one.

As a mother, you should tell your daughter all about sex and puberty so she will be ready for it when it happens. It’s hard to talk about it with most teens but have them open up to you gently and not in an interrogative manner which irritates them the most.