Things To Avoid After A Breakup


how_to_survive_a_breakup2 Here are some things that people usually do after a breakup, but which are best avoided if you want to get back to normal life.

No sad songs please

Listening to sad songs and weeping in some corner of the house is one thing that most broken hearts love to do, but well this is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Music has a deep influence on our emotions and it can instantly change a person’s mood. So, the moment you start playing some sad numbers on your music system, you will begin feeling sad and your thoughts will automatically go back to your breakup.

You’d do good to avoid listening to any songs that remind you of your relationship or of your ex. I know weeping and sulking brings in a weird sort of satisfaction, but the fact remains that it is all too stupid.

Stay away from the bottle

It’s a common tendency to try and douse ones sorrows in alcohol, but drinking to make things better has never helped anyone.  Downing two or three drinks may help to forget the breakup and your ex for a few hours, but after a few hours the pain will come back in a much stronger way.

And worst of all, alcohol depresses you and more likely than not you are bound to end up in a long stretched weeping session as the drinks hit you hard. And the misery doesn’t end there, because when you get up with an aching head the next morning, you are just going to feel more helpless and more aggrieved.

Don’t show your pain

You may be suffering miserably inside, but on the outside you need to stay happy, calm and composed, especially whenever your ex is around. Don’t ever let him know how badly you need him and how your life has turned into a mess ever since he left. When he is having fun, you too must pretend that you are having a great time and only then will you be able to stand strong, to face the situation and handle your life.

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Sidharth Thakur