Things He Will Never Talk About

sex We know that women can keep secrets when it comes to their past relationships and all the embarrassing situations they have been through in the past. Quite contrary to this, men are believed to be more open about their life.

However, don’t just assume that he’s going to talk about everything so openly; especially something that concerns you and the sexual relationship between the two of you. When it comes to talking about their sex life, men can go fairly secretive and keep the whole affair under wraps. Here are some things that men won’t talk about clearly.

Your looks

Even though your man may love you unconditionally, your physical appearance has a deeper role in keeping you together. When he sees you becoming negligent about your personal appearance, and gaining pounds or delaying your visits to the beauty salon, he may not talk about it, but inwardly he’s not quite comfortable with these negative changes.

Performance anxiety

While most women are overly conscious about how they look in the bed, men are more worried about their sexual performance and usually have a lot of anxiety buildup about whether they will be able to please you or not.

His past

Even though you may think he’s open and honest because he has told you about one or two of his earlier relationships, there are always a lot of dirty details which he would rather hide. And come whatever, it isn’t easy to get these details out of him.

Sexual fantasies

Having some wild sex with big time celebrities are usually the fantasies that men would talk about. As for the rest of their fantasies they are way too cautious about voicing them aloud. Every man has some bizarre and wild fantasies, which they may discuss when they are with their male friends, but they may never discuss them with you for the fear that you might label them crazy or worst still maniacs.

  • Harleys R. Toofuknloud

    Women lie and spin the truth from the time that they can speak. Men lie because they learn it from women, starting with their mothers. Read the first few pages of any Bible; it’s still current even though the stories are thousands of years old.