Thermal Curling, Crimping And Straightening

Thermal combs and curling rods are very important tools of modern hair-dressing. Thermal implements provide even heat distribution, which is used for creating a variety of hairstyles including waves, curls, etc.

You can use these instruments as easily as a hand hair-dryer. The heat control of thermal implements varies according to the hair texture and its condition. Thin, fine and white hair should be given lukewarm heat, while, thick and coarse hair can stand normal heat.

Heat test

Before using thermal iron on the hair, its heat should be tested on a tissue paper. Clasp tissue paper between the blades of curling iron, if the paper shrivels or becomes brown, it means the rod is too hot. So it will have to be cooled, otherwise the hair would be damaged.

Maintenance of the Thermal Implements

Thermal combs and curling irons should remain free from rust and carbon accumulation. The following instructions must be observed: Never overheat the thermal irons; oil the joints of the thermal irons for better movability; to sanitize the irons, prepare a mild soap solution with a few drops of ammonia to wash the thermal rod and the shell. This solution will clean both dirt and grease.

Practice with Cold Thermal Equipments

At first, you must practice the proper hold of the thermal iron and handling of hair to gain better control of device. For this purpose cold thermal irons can be used until the technique is perfected.

Use of Comb

A plastic comb with fine teeth is always held in the left hand to get a better control of the hair.

Hold of Thermal Rods

The technique of holding the thermal irons depends on personal choice. Easy rotation of the curling iron and hairdresser’s comfort are the only criteria.

Variety of Curls

Different types of curls can be created by an imaginative hair stylist according to the hair length and the style. The following are the different curls: End curls, Volume curls and Spiral curls.

End Curls

They give a good finishing effect to the hair. All lengths of hair, whether short, long or medium can be styled into end curls. Hair has to be rolled outwards or inward according to the hair design.

Volume Curls

These are similar to cascade roller setting. These curls are meant to give maximum lift to the hair. The entire head is divided into 4 or 5 sections. Then each section is curled with the thermal comb.

Spiral Curls

They go very well with long hair. These curls are also known as hanging curls.

Thermal Straightening

This technique of straightening hair is adopted to treat normally curly hair. Thermal straightening is accomplished with the use of an electric comb.

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