The world of soaps

Soaps are one of the most important toiletries to be found in every bathroom, and most of us cannot imagine surviving one day without using soap. However in certain acute skin problems like eczema and dermatitis it is best to avoid using soaps altogether. Even for people with dry skin, soaps can pose a lot of problem by sucking out the moisture from the skin, but still we really can’t go without soap.

When you go purchasing your toiletries, you need to pay specific attention to your choice of soap if you are concerned about your skin health. Soaps with high pH, high acid-content and too many chemicals are best left on the shelves of the supermarket. Instead go in for soaps which are milder, have less chemicals and have a low pH value. Always stick to buying soaps that are specifically meant for your skin type and which contain some natural products which are beneficial for skin health, even though you may have to shell out a bit more for such soaps.

Since, most of the commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals; you can always opt for natural herbal soaps as an alternative to avoid any damaging effect to your skin. Rarely have any natural herbal soaps been known to trigger the usual skin complaints.

Glycerin is one ingredient that is highly beneficial for most skin types because it has a wonderful hydrating effect to provide the skin with a good dose of moisture at the same time as cleaning the skin. Glycerin based soaps make for a good choice if you have dry skin, and although people with oily skin generally tend to avoid glycerin based soaps, believing that their problem of oily skin will aggravate, the fact is quite the reverse.

Soaps that have been enriched with herbal extracts and oils can also show some advantageous effect for any peculiar skin condition you may be facing. A good herbal soap is normally mild and will nourish your skin, however half of the so called natural herbal soaps found in shopping malls can’t be termed as herbal. They usually contain some harmful chemicals and write herbal on the packing just because they added a drop or two of herbal scented oils, which only impart a nice good smell but have no healthy properties. So that is one thing you must watch out for when you select herbal soap.

Don’t be misled by attractive advertisements, in fact scan through the composition mentioned on the package of the soap to decide whether it is safe and healthy for your skin or not.

Sidharth Thakur