The widening gap – your child and you.

In most of the parent-children problems, the lack of communication is the one factor to be blamed. Usually once your kids step into adolescence they start to distance from their parents, and the problem grows because the parents too assume it all as a part of growing up. It is quite understandable that there will be changes in your child’s behavior as he grows up, but ignoring all this and letting the distance grow isn’t the right approach to move ahead. What begins as a communication gap may soon transform into an emotional gap.

It’s normal for children to draw back into a shell as they step into the teens, but as parents you’ll have to show more patience here and make productive attempts to bridge all gaps. And that’s where the need to learn about good communication steps in.

To develop a positive relationship with your child, the foremost rule is to listen to them and not just keep forcing your point across. You have grown up and you have seen and experienced life, and that must have made you wise enough to know that there is always a right time for everything, including the right time to talk to your child. When you’re child is watching TV, it is definitely not a good idea to disturb him, because if he’s not in a mood to listen, you can never put your point across to him.

Emotional stability is needed when you’re talking to a teenager, since certain things that your kid wants to talk about may not sound pleasing to you. Scolding the child will not solve any purpose and will simply widen the gap that exists between the two of you. Don’t display any of your negative emotions and stay as calm and composed as you can.

It is nearly every parent’s tendency to impose their ideas onto their children, and that too in the most authoritative way, which only leads to your child turning rebellious and nothing more. Be patient, and explain your thinking along with reasons and the chances are your words will be more accepted.

There has been a lot of talk about it, but rarely do parents follow this, become your child’s friend and there won’t be any gaps anymore.

Sidharth Thakur