The Wardrobe Essentials

What’s the use of spending hours in front of the mirror applying layers and layers of make-up to your face and then grabbing whatever first dress you come across in your wardrobe? You are never going to make a statement that way. Your wardrobe is crying for attention, so get onto some smart shopping and stock in some of the basic necessities that you just cannot afford to be without.

The first piece of clothing that needs attention is your bra, because ill-fitting bras are not just uncomfortable but can also wreck the best of your dresses. Find a bra according to the shape and size of your breasts, for instance those with big breasts should always avoid the padded versions. It is nice to have two or three different types of bras that can be worn with different kinds of dresses; like get some athletic bras for wearing under the tee-shirts or some seamless ones to be worn under tight tops.

If you can spend thousands on buying expensive dresses, then do spend some money on bras as well and buy only quality stuff. Cheaper bras rarely have the right fit, so stick to buying quality bras only, even if they are a bit expensive.

A crisp white shirt is one versatile piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe, as it can be worn with casuals as well as formals. A white shirt has the power to make you look cool as well as to make you look sensuous, depending on the way you mix and match it with your remaining outfit. The next thing that you must have in your wardrobe is a camisole, rather you should have two of those one in black and in white. For all your transparent or see-through dresses, you can wear a camisole inside.

Another indispensable dress is a black trouser and a jacket, which you can again sport for almost any occasion be it an office meeting, a formal dinner or a casual party. Whenever you’re not too sure about what to wear, just pair it with a nice top and you’ll fit into almost any scene.

And last but not the least, are your shoes which need attention. For all the pairs which are even slightly worn out, no matter how much you love them, just throw them out. Don’t be obsessed with all the designer stuff; do keep in one or two pairs of simple yet elegant shoes as well. While black shoes are a must, do get some browns, maroon and beige ones too.

Sidharth Thakur