The Vivacious White Shirt Trend

There are only a few things in women’s fashion which are timeless and never cease to go out of fashion and the most lovable and the most chic out of them, apart from the little black dress, is the classic white shirt.

There’s nothing that can beat the sensuality, the casualness, the professional appeal and the charisma of the traditional collared white shirt, which has almost become a staple for every women’s wardrobe.

The new version of the classic white shirt has a lot more feminine detailing and adornments to differentiate it from the men’s basic white shirt, which makes it all the more sexier. You’ve got ruffles, feminine cuts, ribbons and great cuffs to add a feminine zing to the classic white shirt. While of course the traditional style still rules, those women craving for fresh trends can look at this newer version.

Style options

There are three variants of the classic white shirt that you can pick and choose from, there’s one in the classic fit and another in the chic feminine fit, and your last option is of course stealing one of your boyfriend’s masculine shirt. But well, when you have white shirts specially crafted for a woman’s body then why get into those masculine shirts, so drop the third idea and stick to the first two.

If you’re planning to wear your white shirt to the office, then let it be the traditional collars style, preferably one with French cuffs, for a completely professional look. And for those pleasant evenings and romantic dinners sport a woman’s white shirt in the feminine cut.

Fabric and quality

You always have a choice of opting in for a blended fabric, as it is more comfortable because the fabric can take a little bit of stretch and also because it doesn’t get creased over the day. However, the crisp pure cotton has a distinct and sharp appeal to it.

And since you know that a white shirt is completely timeless, it makes sense to shell out some extra money and get the best quality shirt. Good stitching and finer detailing help in putting up a good show, and apparently both these traits come only in the good quality shirts.

Sidharth Thakur