The Use Of Mascara For Adding The Glam Look

Tears like dew drops amidst ethereal plains , this famous line has almost become the order of the day with each and every possible celebrity in the Hollywood shedding tears now and then and at every possible moments. Let’s just look back and check out some of the most famous tears of the celebrities.

Gwyneth Pal trow  was till then known to be a sort of icebox with restrained emotions. But she proved herself and along with the critics wrong by her famous tears and speech at the Oscars where she won the best actress award for her role in Shakespeare In Love. Following the footsteps of her mate Charliz Theron also flooded the red carpet by her more tear and less speech show at the Oscars when she won the award for the best female lead in 2004.

America Ferrera made a mess of everything at the Golden Globes when hen she cried so much that most of her expensive make up was washed off and while crying uncontrollably she thanked almost everyone she has worked with. A case in point is also Avril Lavigne who learnt at the Toronto Festival that mascara and tears do not go hand in hand. Her tears smudged the mascara so very badly that just after receiving the award she had to leave the occasion in order to get her make up right.

There is other side of the picture also and not all are happy tears. Paris Hilton the notorious socialite, Kim Kardashian Equally popular for all the wrong reasons and Linsey Lohan all shed tears at critical junctures of their life. Paris made a show of her sorrow when she was take to the jail. Kim kardashian made a fool of her when she cried in front of the media for the release of her sex tape. Anyways who cares as long as there are tears there will be no dearth of interest among us, Right???????