The Use Of Contraceptives

Proper family planning and use of contraceptives is the motto of the generation X and also Y. With our generation becoming more and more sex conscious and ready to experiment it becomes utmost necessity for them to use contraceptives. For long this has been a taboo topic in India and parents often felt uneasiness while talking about them in front of the children.

However times have changed and in order to protect us and our children we need to be more open about the use of contraceptives. Now with the mums and dads openly talking about the benefits of using contraceptives children are also becoming more and more aware of this. In fact in country wide survey the famous condom manufacturer Durex confirmed the fact that the sales of condoms have remarkably increased among the teenagers and the adolescents who are not frequently indulging in physical relations.

Condoms not only prevent pregnancy but they also act as a barrier between the body and diseases. Incurable AIDS, and several other STDs can be prevented only by the use of condoms. The companies have also geared up to cater the taste of the younger generation by coming up with innovative and large varieties of condoms.  Superior materials, and lubricants used in the condoms have also created favorable opinions among the gen x previously who disliked the idea of rubber between the lovers.

Female contraceptives are also in vogue. Pills are the biggest sells. Emergency contraceptive pills are the ones they are going for. They are emergency pills and helps prevent unwanted pregnancy and humiliating abortion confirmed the managing director of I PILLS. Female condoms are still to become popular in India and the lack of popularity is attributed to the unease of use. Whatever it may be surely India is getting ready for the 21st century.