The Truth About Skin Care Product Reviews

skin-care-product Often, when we come across some new skin care product, some of us like to read reviews about the product, before actually buying it. We’ll dig up magazines and beauty websites to read reviews about these products, and then trusting these sources of information to be absolutely true, we finally make a decision.

The truth

However, the sad part of it all is that most of these reviews are twisted by the product manufacturers, themselves, to mislead the consumers and make them buy their products. And this is not just limited to the lower end products; rather it’s a favored practice with most of the high end products as well. Just to boost their sales, most of these skin-care product manufacturers, hire review writers to praise and publicize their products.

And obviously when the reviews come from the same source as the product, you’ll find the reviews talking highly about the benefits of the product and keeping the side effects hidden.

Do some research on your own

With that being the scenario, most women don’t really know where to go about looking for the right piece of information, regarding any skin care product. And since, in most cases you will not be able to discern whether the review comes from the product manufacturer or an independent reviewer, here’s a little approach to finding out how good a particular skin care product is.

You need to make your research around three main criterion, one the list of ingredients, two the possible side effects, and finally the suitability according to skin type.

It is eventually the ingredients that will prove the effectiveness of any skin care product. Also, knowing what all ingredients the product contains will help you in finding out what are the possible side effects that you may have to experience. Harsh chemicals and in organic ingredients are usually what result in an allergic reactions, and even the most high tech skin care products may contain allergens. So be sure to scan the ingredients list carefully, and for any ingredient that you are not aware of, use the internet to carry out a research on how the ingredient works and what are the possible side effects.

Please remember that one single cosmetic cannot be suitable for all skin types, so if a review talks about some product being good for everyone, with any skin type, then there’s something definitely fishy about it. Before you buy a new product check with different sources about whether the product is suitable for your skin type or not.

Sidharth Thakur