The Trendy Tunics

Most women would easily vouch for the tunic dress as being the most versatile and the most comfortable, of all women’s wear. Tunics are truly flattering for almost all body types, and even the die-hard trouser followers do love to switch to tunic tresses once in a way. The latest range is even more enticing with a wide array of styles, prints, cuts and lengths to please almost every figure.

When you walk into a garment store, a tunic dress hanging on a hanger might not catch your attention because it looks too frail and too simple. But just the once you put it on, you feel that the lifeless looking dress is back to life, and that it almost flatters your body.

This season tunic dresses have just about gate crashed into the fashion world, once again, and the fervors can be seen in almost all designer stores and showrooms. With spring season around the corner, the markets are slowly getting flooded with tunic dresses in lovely summer prints.

Now although, we did mention about the designers putting up a splendid range of tunic dresses, we’re not saying that you need to buy from these high-end designers. There are lots and lots of small stores too, where you can find some lovely tunic dresses, provided you’re ready to dig through the markets to find the best of pieces. While a plain black and an embroidered white tunic dress may seem like a must have, for every woman’s wardrobe, tribal, nature and large floral prints are the other ones to experiment with.

While slightly printed ones look quite exciting, for a more sober look the shades that usually look the most appealing, apart from black and white, are brilliant shades of pink, mild hues of purple, sunshine yellows and vibrant greens. A little bit of embroidery also does a great job in accentuating the beauty of a Tunic dress.

And before we go, one last advice, you could also cinch your Tunic dress around the waist using a wide belt, to highlight your shapely structure and add a bit of sensuousness to the dress.

Sidharth Thakur