The Teased Hair Look is Back in Trend

The biggest hairstyle fad of the sixties is back in trend! The teased hair style, otherwise known as back-combing or ratting (and who can forget the Bouffant and Beehive hairdos of the 60’s) is making a big comeback.

Mastering this technique takes practice; but the resultant towering puffs and the attention it grabs makes it all worth it. It is now a fashion statement and is certainly worth the grind.

You can easily get this hairdo done by your hairdresser. Hairstylists provide you with many variants of the teased hair. One can also try it at home, however that will indeed require a lot of practice in order to get the perfection. The basic steps of teasing your hair are:

The first step – is to make sure the hair is clean and tangle free. After washing air-dry your hair. In case of waves and curls, it is necessary to straighten them out, before beginning the teasing process.

With the help of a tail comb, you need to separate a strand of your hair that is at least 1 inch wide. In the meantime clip rest of the hair.

Take that strand of hair and gently start brushing against it. Make sure the brushing is done at least 5 inches away from the scalp.

Keep on gently brushing towards the scalp but keep a firm hold on the far end of the hair strand. Keep on repeating this teasing motion until you get your desired volume of hair.

After the above step, put some hairspray on the teased hair and gently let it down. Using the tips of the brush, now lightly brush the un-teased sections of the strand. Make sure to keep away from the teased sections.

Once teasing of this particular strand is complete, repeat the procedure on the other strands till the entire hair has been teased.

Some points worth noting:

Never try to tease wet or partially wet hair. This may cause hair breakage. Also, experts suggest not resorting to too much teasing as it affects the delicate strands of hair. When teasing or un-teasing, make sure you are gentle on your hair.

For increasing the volume, you can simply scrunch your hair, a bit. If the teased hair seems rough and dull, you can add hair-shine serum gently to the hair for additional shine. Make sure you don’t press the hair down.

So go ahead and be a fashionista with that elegant Bouffant giving your look the extra edge!

Sidharth Thakur