The Summer Maxi Dress for 2010

The maxi dress has made its appearance once again on runways across the globe this time with a trendy summer twist. The dress is now styled in different fabrics to flatter any shape, size and age. The dress is the epitome of feminine chic. Here are a few tips to make the most of your maxi dress.

The dress can be worn formally or casually; so you need to decide the look that you want to sport. Once you zero down on this you can wear the right accessories and embellishments to complete your look.

The maxi dress needs to have the right cut in order to be proportionate to your body and to suit your style. This dress is a blessing in disguise as it covers thunder thighs, unflattering legs and big busts. Thus getting a dress in the right size is imperative. Pick a dress that is neither too tight nor too loose.

If you have a petite figure than do not fear as you too can wear this style of a dress. Most retailers are catering to their clientele who are less than 5ft. 3 inches. You may need to alter the length to get it right. Look out for a dress in a monotone or a single color to match your look.

Accessorizing a maxi dress is easy. If you want to sport a casual look then you can wear a simple leather belt with the dress however if you want to increase the glam quotient of the dress then a metallic belt would be a good option. The one accessory that can make your outfit look stunning is the pair of shoes that you choose to wear. Stilettos are great if you are wearing the dress in the evening or to an event however for a casual day look it is best to wear wedges or flats.

Ballerina flats are not recommended with the maxi dress however you can wear a pair of gladiator sandals to increase the glam quotient of the outfit. Other accessories that look great with the maxi dress are contrasting bangles, a necklace and if you want to sport an ethnic look then wear a bindi; this is a sticker like jewel that is worn in the center of the forehead between the eyebrows. Carry a clutch instead of a huge handbag or hobo.