The Summer Heat Can Cause Hair Problems

washing-hair2 The hot summer is nearly over, but the damage it may have done to your hair may not go off so soon. The intensive heat of summers can cause your hair to flatten and become limp, get frizzled up or become dry and coarse.

It all happens either because the heat makes the oil glands in the scalp to secrete more oil or because the excess heat and dry weather may take away the moisture from your hair. And since, every problem has a solution; here we have solutions to the three common summer related hair problems.

Flat and limp hair

With increased production of natural oil in the scalp, the hair looks flat and wilted as the oil weighs it down. To resolve this problem you need to add more body to your limp hair, and that can be done by getting rid of the excess oil. To remove the excess oil you can use specials shampoos or alternatively you can dab some baby powder around the roots of the hair to absorb the excess oil before you go in for a head wash.

For a quick fix, you can pull your hair towards the back and arrange it into a loose bun. If your hair isn’t long enough to form a bun, even a ponytail works equally well. And if this problem is overly persistent, you can even try lightening your hair with some highlights, because colored highlights give an impression of plumped up hair.

Frizzy hair

This happens when the hot and dry weather takes away the moisture from your hair strands. And to replenish the moisture, you will need to condition your hair at least once a week. The best way to use a conditioner is to apply it to your shampooed hair and let it stay on the hair for a minimum of 30 minutes before you rinse it off. If you’re not keen on the conditioner, even olive oil will do a fantastic job. And most importantly, remember not to use a dryer to blow dry your hair.

If the problem is severe and conditioning doesn’t offer much of a relief, then you need some moisturizing gel or hair serum for intensive moisturizing.

Hair damaged by the sun

Just the way your skin gets damaged by the ultraviolet radiations in the sun’s rays, your hair suffers damage too. To prevent sun damage you can use the new range of sunscreen shampoos and conditioners, which offer protection against UV radiation. If your hair is already sun-damaged, do not use any chemical on heat based hairstyling products, and to prevent further damage always wear hats or bandannas when you step out in the sun.

Sidharth Thakur