The Story Of The Sagging Breasts

While sagging of breasts is most commonly associated with breast feeding, however repeated fluctuations in weight and menopause are some other reasons which can lead to sagging of breasts.

Although the phenomenon is quite irreversible, there are certain techniques which can help in bringing a little bit of that firmness back into your breasts. However, playing safe, that is following measures to prevent the sagging of breasts is by far the best way to keep the firmness intact. You must understand that breasts are completely composed of fatty tissues, with no muscular or cartilage structure to support them. And that is the reason they are so overly prone to sagging.

The sagging of breasts is more likely you with breast feeding, because when the baby tries to suck out milk, your breasts experience a downward stretch which eventually leads to the stretching of tissues permanently. Also post pregnancy, your breasts are filled with milk making the breasts to stretch outwards. Once the milk formation ceases, the stretched breast tissues are unable to get back into shape and thus the skin becomes lose and hanging.

The amount of sagging that you would experience is largely dependent upon your skin type and its elasticity level. If your skin is highly elastic, you may not experience any sagging at all after breast feeding.

To maintain the elasticity of your breast tissues, regular massage with a moisturizer is the most effective way. While it is increasingly important during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you must include it in your everyday routine to keep your breasts healthy throughout life. The moisturizer keeps the skin nourished and the massage ensures proper blood circulation in the breasts.

Exercises can also go a long way in keeping your firm sagging breasts, specifically the ones that target the chest muscles which lie directly underneath the breasts. As you know there are no muscles in the breasts, and so you cannot work out your breasts with some exercise. The only way out is to exercise the chest muscles which support the breasts.

And lastly, be sure to wear a proper bra as it lends good support to your breasts, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding when you breasts are really heavy.

Sidharth Thakur