The Spice Of Four

When the story of your bedroom turns monotonous, you can turn your droning sex sessions into something more adventurous with the use of props. We have detailed out four props that you can use to turn your bedroom into a veritable lover’s paradise, leaving the two of you to sputter in between the sheets.

The first on the list is Passion oils, which with their powerful fragrances can do a magical job on your mood. Provided your choice of fragrance is right, you’ll find your passion experiencing newer heights. That implies passion oils are essential or rather we may say unavoidable if you wish to remain supercharged in your bedroom. It is the natural aroma found in passion oils which has the power to intensify the sexual attraction.

While certain passion oils work as aphrodisiac for women, there are others which can unleash a wild untamed lion out of your sober partner. These oils can be used to give your partner a sensuous massage or can be put in the diffuser to have the whole room smelling good.

The next thing you need to have is a blind-fold, which will excite your lover to such an extent as to have his adrenaline rushing. The idea is simple to blind-fold either your eyes or your partners eyes, and then enjoy the thrill of exploring the other person’s body by touching and feeling. You’ve thoroughly enjoyed hide and seek when you were kids, how about playing some sensuous and tantalizing hide and seek with your partner?

If I’d say get some handcuffs, it might sound bizarre, but it isn’t or else bondage sex won’t have been so popular. Can’t get handcuffs; get some soft and sexy sink scarves to turn your partner into a provisional sex slave, tying him either to the bed or simply tying up his limbs. In most cases the feeling of being restrained while at the same time making love can ignite the passion beyond ones imagination.

And the last one on our list here is a feather, with which you can make erotic love strokes on your partner’s body, especially on his chest, abs and back which will tickle and excite him and you’ll find him begging for more.

Well, it’s time now that you pick up these four love essentials and have some real action in your bedroom tonight.