The Sex Myths About Menopause And How They Can Be Overcome

There is some kind of myth associated with menopause. It is said that women tend to get sexually inactive during and after menopause. That’s quite untrue although men need to be more caring and sensitive to get a higher response from her.

Aging never makes us lose interest in everything or let us lose our ability to enjoy life. Things get trimmed up and start losing the ardor of youth but a sense of being loved and appreciated remains forever in all men and women. Therefore, it is easy when we dispel some of the myths and rumors associated with menopause and sex.

When women reach menopause there is certainly not much loss in the libidinal areas. Illness, relationships and medications affect the women and her sexual dissatisfaction may be due to such causes. There is certainly nothing to do with the menopausal conditions. The sexual activity of a person is not dependant on the hormonal levels.

Even when a woman has her sexual hormones at the height, her interest in men could be low and she would find all sexual advances by her partner quite unattractive. When she attains the age of menopause, there is a steady decline in the levels of estrogen and progesterone.

There is also a myth that a woman can get no longer pregnant once she reaches menopause. This is not ideally true and one should be using contraception for safety for one year after she has had her last periods. The fertility may still be there in her while in the transferring period.

Of course there could be pain due to the dryness in the vagina which may occur during menopause. There are some good solutions to this as hormone creams and vaginal lubricants help to solve the case of soreness, irritation and burning.

These help to create pleasure and also produce effective and easy penetration. It is however quite untrue that menopause brings in vaginal dryness, as this is not always the fact with everyone. It is also quite untrue that too much of sexual activity during menopause will cause dryness in the vagina. It is actually the frequent stimulation of the sexual parts that causes lubrication all the more.

If you feel women have the risk of transmitting or getting sexual diseases during menopause you will surely risk it. Safe sex is always required and you should be always practicing sex safely. Guys also have a similar stage called the andropause. Hormonal fluctuations, blood circulation and aging are the most important things that can occur during this phase. With proper exercise and walks and also with a loving partner, all these hassles can be overcome.