The Secret To Firm Breasts

Beautiful breasts are indeed one sure way, for a woman, to magnify her beauty and sex appeal. It is not the size of the breasts that matters, but how shapely they are and how firm is the bust line. If you’re looking for methods to get bigger breasts, then you’re not on the right page, because here we will be talking about some exercises, and some do’s and don’ts to increase the aesthetic appeal of your prized possessions.

When you’re looking for firming breasts, cosmetics and massages are just not enough, you need to work on your pectoral muscles. The best known exercise for your bust line is the traditional bench press. Yes, quite the same that you seen men doing in the gym to get that 45 inch chess, but with some alteration because you surely don’t want to look manly. While bench press will target the chest muscles which are hidden beneath the breasts to improve their shape and firmness, the added benefit comes in the form of well sculpted shoulders and upper arms.

What you need is a pair of light weight dumbbells, no more than 5lb. each, and a narrow bench like the one you use in aerobics. Lie down flat on the bench, with your body from the headed to the hips resting on the bench and your feet on the floor. Your feet must be on either side of the bench. Pull your shoulders backwards so as to firmly press your shoulder blades and your upper back against the bench.

Now pick up the dumbbells and extend your arms straight to hold them right above your chest about shoulder width apart and with both the palms facing each other. Slowly bring down the dumbbells to your shoulder level and then push them up again. That is counted as one repetition. And you need to begin with a minimum of three sets of twelve repetitions.

With this one single exercise, you will see some awesome results. Apart from this, to keep your breasts in good shape always wear the right type of bra, and stop stooping while walking. Also occasional massage can be pretty satisfying. One of the major reasons for sagging breasts is an unhealthy lifestyle with improper diet and frequent weight changes. Work towards complete body fitness and there’s no reason why you won’t have shapely and firm breasts.