The Right Way To Wear A Bra

padded-strapless-bra Most women will wonder that why I have written this article on how to wear a bra, because they feel that this is something very basic and something that every woman knows. Well, even if it sounds like a very basic everyday activity, there are several women who do not know how to wear of bra properly.

The general style is to wear the bra by strapping it onto the shoulders, tightening up the band below the breasts and then hooking it up at the back. And although that’s the style in which nearly 80 percent of the women wear the bra, it is a completely wrong method. It’s wrong because the bra won’t sit well and won’t offer the right kind of support for your breasts. So here’s how you need to go about wearing your bra.

Before you put on your bra, pull the straps to the maximum length and bend over slightly to position your breasts into the cups. When your breasts are completely supported by the bra, reach for the hook at the back side and just fasten the middle one. With that done, you can now slide the straps on to your shoulders.

And before you adjust the straps or hook up the remaining hooks, make a final adjustment of your breasts in the cup. Lift your breasts a little with your hands, and then adjust the under wire on your chest. The under wire should ideally run along the natural shape of your breast, or else it might hurt your breast tissues.

With the breasts completely settled in the cups and the under wire support in the right place, you can now tighten the straps. While adjusting the straps please remember that all the support for your breasts should not come from the straps, because that will strain your shoulders and you may even see the red marks on your skin. The straps should preferably be adjusted every time you put on the bra.

So, by now you must have understood that wearing a bra in the right way is something that not most women really know, because most women try to give their breasts support with the help of straps rather than the band.

Sidharth Thakur