The Right Time to Throw Away Your Cosmetics

This is something that most people might not even have thought about. Even cosmetics have shelf life and an expiry date beyond which, using that cosmetic would cause you more of damage than the beautifying effect you are aiming for.

So if you have one of those old lipstick or shades that you have been using since quite a while, it’s about time to check if they are supposed to hit the bins. And there are quite a number of ways you can figure this out.

Generally powders, concealers, lip balms etc. last for at least a couple of years. So, even if they are too old, it’s all right to keep them. The same goes for lipsticks.

Lipsticks are the easiest to notice when they are no longer fit to use, since they easily get rancid. So in case your lipstick starts smelling strange it’s the first sign of rancidity which means they have reached their time limit. This is the time when you must throw it away and buy yourself a new one.

Eye liner wears off very easily, especially if it is a liquid eye liner. So, make sure the liquid eyeliner you are using is not more than 3-4 months. But in case you use pencil eye liner, it can be used for a good two years.

You also need to be careful about the makeup sponges you use and wash them regularly. These sponges easily attract bacteria that would harm your skin if used without care. It is also recommended to throw them away after a couple of months of use.

Eye shadows and powder blushes also need to be out of your make up box after 18-25 months. Mascara is another thing that is extremely susceptible to eye infections. So, you might want to buy the new ones at least every three months.

There are also certain things you need to be careful about to make sure your cosmetics are not infected by bacteria. First of all, remember not to keep the cosmetics in the bathroom since that is one place that is more or less like a reservoir of germs.

If you are suffering from some kind of lip infection, you might want to keep your lip gels and lipsticks away for a while. Also remember to sharpen your eye liner regularly since this scrapes away the bacteria that is collected on them.

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