The Right Bra Size And The Right Fitting

finding-the-right-bra-fit Strangely most women, even some of the fashion conscious ones, wear the most ill fitting bra. So we thought of taking a sneak look at why most women go wrong with their bra size.

Where women go wrong

Weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding and being on contraceptive pills are some factors that lead to changes in the overall structure of a woman, and obviously the breast size too keeps changing. However, most women don’t take the initiative to re-measure their breasts to find out if their bra size has changed.

During pregnancy and lactation your breast size is bound to increase, and sometimes this increased size may not shrink back, even after you’re through with the phase. Similar changes may be experienced during menopause or when you are on contraceptives.  And since your breast size has changed, you cannot keep forcing your breasts to still be comfortable in the same cup size.

Also, most women don’t like to take the extra pains to dig up the right bra style and size, if what they’re looking for isn’t available at the nearest store. It is also seen that at times women are not willing to spend too much of money on buying lingerie, but what they must remember is that no dress will look beautiful and fitting on you if you are not wearing the right undergarments.

Find out whether you’re wearing the right bra

Apart from taking measurements to find your correct size, there are a few other things that you need to consider to decide whether the bra is well fitting or badly-fitting.

In case, both the cups are touching each other and on the outside it looks like both the breasts are joined together then you’re definitely wearing the wrong bra. Also, if your breasts are oozing out from either the top or the sides, or the band of the bra isn’t running at one smooth level across your ribcage, or there is space between the breasts and the under-wire then you need to try some other style or some other size.

If you’re wearing the right bra size, it will not hinder your arm movements and is also not likely to cause any chafes or abrasions on your skin. If you are unsure about your bra size is, do browse through our earlier posts on how to find the correct bras size.

Sidharth Thakur

  • You are totally correct. I have heard that as many as 80% of women have ill-fitting bras. Many people are to shy (or too busy, or too ‘just trying to fit everything in’) to go and get measured in a store. There are reliable ways to measure yourself – using a bra measuring tape (designed for the purpose is one) or using the advice you can find online. But the key point you make is that bra size will vary – as does the manufacturers definition of a cup size. So my tip would be, measure often.