The Reincarnation Of Peep Toe Shoes

peep Womens Peep toe shoes have stayed on the top of the fashion footwear charts all through the last season and continue to do so even today. That’s what makes them a favorite with most celebrities and models, be it at red carpet events or on the runways. There is something exclusively irresistibly and urbane about this shoe style which makes it a hot favorite.

The classic style

The retro version of the peep toe shoes essentially were seen in three types, one with extra high heels, the second in the open-toe wedge style and thirdly as mules with stacked-heels. And the newer versions are debonair updates of the classic styles in patent leather, metallic finishes, extra straps and platform soles.

The new ankle boot style

This new and innovative variant has the charm of both the sensuous peep toes and the seductive boots. This style has an added punch of sex appeal, with the peculiar toe-revealing style, exotic lacing, and swish material and extra high heels. Also, apart from the regular zipped style, you can choose one with button closures for an extra chic look. They look great with just about anything, be it dresses, skirts, trousers or jeans.

Wearing peep toes

Earlier, the peep toes were never worn with colored or noticeable stockings, however the latest craze is to pair them up with opaque or textured tights. The fashion gurus believe that toes clad in some transparent material, peeking out of the shoe looks somewhat offensive. So either you go completely without stockings or wear something that’s not transparent. During winters wearing heavy stockings has double advantages, one it keeps your feet warm and the other is that it balances your heavy coats and pullovers.

And since spring is just around the corner, you can also try wearing ankle socks with your peep toe pumps, especially so, because stockings may not seem very comfortable with the rising temperatures.

Sidharth Thakur