The Quintessential Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been known to have lesser incidents of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

While on one hand it is a complete diet, healthy nutrition etc, on the other it is said to be one of the best diets to keep you healthy and away from such diseases mentioned above.

There are 11 essential components of the Mediterranean diet. These include fruits, vegetables, potatoes, legumes, olive oil, fish, alcohol, fat dairy products, red meat, poultry and non refined cereals. There is a scoring pattern with this diet where each of the components has to be mapped on a scale of 0 to 5.

If you consume more of these components, then the score is lesser. Add the component scores and you get a total diet score. The lesser the total diet score, the higher are the chances of coronary dysfunctions and cancer and vice versa. These scores are an enormous benefit and help in assessing the nutritional status of an individual.

Hence if this diet pattern is followed with a higher score and maintained, the chances of breast cancer are also reduced drastically. Studies have indicated that amongst post menopausal women, the chances of breast cancer is 22% less likely if these women have followed the Mediterranean Diet with the Diet Scores consistently high.

This study was conducted in the Mediterranean region itself and it has been statistically proven that the instances of heart disease is relatively much lesser than in other parts of the world.

The diet in its healthy form protects against obesity. The high fiber content in the diet ensures that the weight gain is lesser for the same amount of nutrients.

Studies have also indicated that if the diet scores are high in an individual, then the chances of diabetes are drastically reduced. The plant food, fish and olive oil all help in controlling swinging sugar levels and hence preventing instances of diabetes too.

With a good inclusion of exercises in your daily schedule, the Mediterranean diet helps reduce instances of chronic diseases thereby increasing the life expectancy of an individual. Hence the diet is complete and the best form of all diets to adhere to.