The Proper Procedure to Wash Hair


Washing hair is an easy task, some say. However, if you do not do it right, the end result can be dull and damaged hair. Here is the procedure on how to wash your hair the correct way:

To start with, brush your hair before you start. Disentangling them is always a good option to avoid any inconvenience while applying shampoo. Once you have combed your hair to have the individual strands stand apart, soak your hair in warm water.

You can do it in the shower or you can use a basin full of water. The objective is to ensure that the hair is immersed fully and no portion of the hair stays dry.

Then you should take the shampoo out on your hand which should spread out to be the size of a quarter. This is the minimum amount even for smaller hair. Rub your hands together to spread it out and start moving your hands over the scalp to distribute the shampoo in your hair evenly.

Massage your scalp thoroughly and if you have long hair, ensure that the shampoo is distributed all over the hair, from the root to the tip. An even distribution of shampoo throughout the entirety of hair is important.

Let the lather build up and once the hair is full of foam, then use water gently over portions of your hair and rinse the foam off thoroughly. The dirt and the oil from the scalp will come out with it. If required, repeat the procedure, if you think that the scalp needs more cleansing.

Whether you need it or not can be easily established by touching your hair after the first shampoo and if there is any hint of it being greasy, then you should apply shampoo for the second time.

Ensure that you have rinsed the shampoo from your hair properly, because if not, then too you will have greasy hair. Do not over clean your hair. That will result in it getting damaged.

Once the hair has been rinsed of all the shampoo, take some conditioners between the palms of your hands and apply it starting from the middle of the hair till the end.  Then use a wide teeth comb to comb your hair to spread the conditioner out evenly. Later, rinse hair again in a more thorough manner.