The Prerequisites to a Successful Cross Cultural Marriage

Love can happen to us anytime and with anybody. While some relationships are easy to maintain, some are not so much so.

Especially if you are considering tying knots with someone from a different culture than you, there are a lot of factors that need consideration.

While it necessarily does not need to be a difficult collaboration but certainly it is one which requires a lot of careful dealing and understanding.

Firstly, be open about your fiancé’s culture and learn to accept the differences beforehand. Be patient with your partner and ask him to be the same with you. He needs to be as broad minded and tolerant about differences as you will be. Equal participation is absolutely vital.

Good communication often resolves matter faster than anything else. Similarly, lack of clarity in communication affects adversely. Make sure two of you do not stop communication at any level; this is the ideal to avoid unwarranted misunderstandings that inevitably crop up in a cross cultural relationship. Voicing your feelings in a calm and relaxed way always betters understanding and mutual respect.

Do not forget to involve the families into matters. You may think that you know your family and their reactions, but do not take anything for granted. Discuss with your family as openly as you can about everything that is going on, so that they do not feel left out or neglected. Let them into your marriage plans and preparations.

Rigidity rarely helps. Know that there will be times when you will have to compromise for greater good. There will be instances where disagreements will surface and a little relaxation on your ideas might help things improve remarkably well. With time, both of you will be more receptive about the cultural differences and will learn to take them in a stride.

Do not let yourself be presumptuous. Leave your pre conceived ideas behind while you step into this new life. Remember, that in the long run, little things matter and most conflicts usually start harmlessly before snowballing into something serious. Learn to overlook trivial and unimportant deviations from your expectations and happiness will be yours.

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